MIKRORAJONAI print (30*40cm). This artwork belongs to a series of graphic illustrations of Vilnius neighborhoods. A visual artist Auste Parulyte (byauste) created it by making compositions out of symbolic maps of the districts and objects belonging to them. The choice of the objects themselves was made while talking with people who have grown up or currently live in a particular district. After all those interviews Auste chose those objects that are the most associated with the place and are the most precious emotionally, culturally, socially and other ways.


In this series you will find 25 Vilnius neighborhoods: Antakalnis, Baltupiai, Fabijoniskes, Jeruzale, Justiniskes, Karoliniskes, Lazdynai, Markuciai, Naujamiestis, Naujininkai, Naujoji Vilnia, Paneriai, Pasilaiciai, Pavilnys, Pilaite, Rasos, Senamiestis, Seskine, Snipiskes, Uzupis, Valakampiai, Vilkpede, Virsuliskes, Zirmunai, and Zverynas.



  • the artwork (30 * 40cm) is printed on high-quality recycled paper (250 gsm);
  • all artworks are hand-signed;
  • frame not included;
  • colors might differ between a computer monitor and the true color (actual artwork);
  • the copyright is owned by Auste Parulyte and is not transferable with the sale.


*** contact Auste on info@byauste.com for a customized artwork (framed / different size / different paper / different colors) ***


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  • The item is non-refundable.

    • shipping to Lithuania. For delivery to other countries, please contact Auste Parulyte directly on info@byauste.com;
    • the package usually reaches the recipient within 7 business days in Lithuania, and within 7-21 business days in the rest of the world. Please note that due to the high postal services load during the winter season, goods may travel slower.