Transformation since 90's

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

i was born in 90’s in the year when our hands were set loose, our mouths got a sign to speak freedom, we got a chance to be different, to be independent as a state, as individuals, as souls.

i’m happy to be a proof of the first generation who is living a breaking point of a country which was a new system, a restarted PC. which never knew what self-confidence means. didn’t know what it feels speaking in real facts rather than metaphors, and most importantly, that there’s no one to obey.

we talk about a baby nation, where self-awareness, critical thinking, self-love and no hierarchy were new concepts.

i’m happy to be in a generation which means transformation. change of reality and habits from the state to the very personal level. i want to believe that we can allow ourselves the luxury to do what we are called to.

ieva juodele


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