The shelter of plants in Kaunas

once i read about it, i simply couldn’t get it - why, for god’s sake - one would take care of forgotten, unattended, not fashionable or ugly plants, thrown away by others. yet, Aiste, who opened the shelter thinks otherwise.

she treats each of the plant as a living creature and states this is a movement against consumerism, where the plants became part of it:

“People don’t want to put an effort in taking care of an ill or old plant, and i think that’s not fair.”

before the establishment of the shelter Aiste lived in the center of the city, until she and her husband decided to move away to the suburbs of Kaunas and rent a private house by the forest.

it was done with the intention to have more space for the plants she was started to harbor.

"we don't miss the city, not at all. sometimes i spend 4 days in a row at home, with my plants, working as a photographer for brands in my tiny studio. i don't get bored, only calmed."

she tells once gathering the plants the fast food restaurant Hesburger wished to throw away from their terrace at the end of the season. she collected flowers in trays and brought them home. the trays were polluted with smoked cigarettes and litter. so, Aiste took a hand on restoring the plants.

stressed or lonely people contact Aiste for visiting, helping her out, saying being among the plants makes them feel tranquil. at some point the shelter is like a meditative place, a hospital of mind in unimaginable level.

at the moment Aiste is raising fund for the plants maintenance and building of bigger, lighter premises for all the greenery she has. in her plans, Aiste wishes to organize workshops, events, for adults and children, to educate people in how to revitalize the old instead of buying a new plant.

the plants shelter is based in Kaunas region, Lithuania, named Gyvybes langelis. more information regarding visiting and plants can be found on Facebook.

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