The land of lakes: the best lakes to swim around Vilnius

While writing this post it's summer. Hot as hell.

Above 30 degrees of Celsius.

I feel empathic to the ones who are stuck in their apartments, sweating in front of their laptops.

To make your existence easier here's the list of the best (in our opinion) lakes to refresh yourself

close to Vilnius. Most of them are located 20 - 48km away from the city center.

So, take a look and grab your swimsuit.

1. Lentvaris Lake (or Grauzys Lake) | 22km from Vilnius city center

The lake surrounded by forests with Lentvaris manor on its North East side and two tiny islands.

Lentvaris Lake is pretty deep, the deepest spot is 34.5 meters.

By the way, they have a really pretty railway station!


Treehouse Moletai Lithuania

Author: Gabriel Khiterer

2. Antavilio Lake | 17km from Vilnius city center

The lake is surrounded by the forest,

on the Northern coast, there's a beach.



3. Balsys Lake | 14km from Vilnius city center

Balsys Lake has a beautiful camping site by the forest, a footbridge leading to the lake, hiking trail around the water and a beach for people with special access needs.

The only disadvantage that in the summer you might find half of Vilnius population sunbathing on its sandy coast.


Author: Saulius Ziura

4. Tapeliai Lake | 17km from Vilnius city center

Well, it has all you need: pine trees, paths around the lake and three more lakes nearby in case you change your mind.



5. Gela Lake | 25km from Vilnius city center

I mean... have you seen anything more beautiful?

I bet you did, yet, drones looove this lake.



Author: Audrius Grinys

6. Pond "Dream" | 24km from Vilnius city center

The name says it all.

We've included the pond "Dream" as an alternative Travelogue LT spot to semi-crowded lakes.

You can also read more about it here


7. Vepriškai Lake | 38km from Vilnius city center

A tiny lake next to Paliose burial ground.

Sounds scary?

Not really.

Check out how cozy it is.


8. Karis Lake | 45km from Vilnius city center

That's one interesting lake, featured by a long footbridge and sports grounds nearby.

It's also a great occasion to visit Buivydziai hydrographic reserve and Buivydziai Monkey bridge!


9. Skaistis Lake | 32km from Vilnius city center

A lake near Trakai which has 9 forested islands!

In each of them, you can travel by boat and have a private camping time.

Ain't that great?


Source: VI Valstybine misku uredija

10. Buivydiskiai pond | 8km from Vilnius city center

Well, that's a bomb!

The pond is located in Buivydiskiai park where you can see a manor that once belonged to Radvilos family.

Now the building is dedicated to school. And that's a future beach they're planning to establish there.


Author: Gabrielius Khiterer

So... have you already packed your swimsuit?!

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