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Even though talent is a part of success, yet, we all know that the greatest work is done purely by... doing it.

Or as famous British writer Margaret Atwood says - with your hands in the mud.

In case your work is in the mood of procrastination, we've collected a list of spaces which may speed it up and inspire.

So, let's scroll them down.

1. Nida Art Colony - for creatives, romantics & lonely hearts

Nida Art Colony is for those, who wish to meditate on the seashore right after their first coffee in the morning. And only then, sit at their work desk in light and modern spaces.

More information here

Source: Andrej Vasilenko

2. WHUB - co-working space for women

It's not solely a co-working space, but also a social club for

active women from various industries. In WHUB you will not only find

a desk to rent, but also various events and inspiring stories told by females.

More information here


3. Pakrante - minimal space in nature

It belongs to the city but is also its outsider.

Pakrante is an architecturally attractive building admired by design lovers.

Its spaces are light, minimal and endless, surrounded by the nature of Valakampiai.

More information here


4. 3O - Out Of Office| Palanga

For those who love Baltic seaside not only in the summer, we recommend Out Of Office co-working space which doesn't work all year round, but it does until October-November.

Here, the desks smell of hot laptops and cold sea.

More information here

Source: 3O - Out Of Office

5. Druskininkai library - for bibliophiles

Druskininkai is a resort for those who beside working enjoy taking long walks in the forest and relaxing in mud baths. Yep, welcome to the city of SPAs.

In Druskininkai library you can come for checking your emails and working on your projects in a modern and work mood uplifting library's space.

More information here


6. Adomas Mickevicius library  - for those who need to be guarded by books

The library of Adomas Mickevicius (famous poet in Lithuania) was renewed in 2020 - so it's both: brand new and pretty authentic.

Here you will enjoy working in isolated booths or at open space, old, authentic library desks - up to you.

More info here


7. Portfolio Cafe - work among art

Portfolio Cafe is a gallery and a coffee spot in Biržai.

Perfect when your work needs to be nurtured by art and delicious food.

And, surely, by coffee.

Check it out here


8. Etno hut - coziness close to Vilnius

When nature has it all:

a fantastic hut, perfect sleep, hypnotising aroma of wild trees.

And, the best part, a city nearby.

And, yes, of course, wi-fi.

More information here


Wanna work outside the city?

Here you will find.a list of huts and tiny houses located outside of big Lithuanian cities, which you can rent either for rest or work.

Sounds good? Check it out.

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