something about Anyksciai

i’ve never had anything in common with Anyksciai.

it was just ANOTHER small town in Lithuania. i’ve never been to famous a bunch- of -people size stone Puntukas, never did canoeing in the river, never visited museum of horses and certainly never participated in its folk events. it was never trendy drinking Anyksciai wine, and writer’s Biliūnas novel was never as tempting as a “Girl with the dragon tattoo”.

please understand, villages and lithuanian rivers were never the point of attraction. especially when you come from bigger town, such as Kaunas.

until 5 years ago, until i met a man from Anyksciai who finally happened to become my husband.

then i realized, people in Anyksciai do something alternative. they earn money by carving wood statues, writing, growing sheeps or working on people energetics and spiritual stuff. that each family has a summerhouse outside the town - despite the fact Anyksciai is already a resort. that there is a homeless guy named Pink Floyd and one of Lithuanian superstars is going to open a restaurant in one of the oldschool party houses. that everyone who moves here eventually becomes a parent and ...other spicy things.

to me, Anyksciai is like a freelance artist in comparison to my beloved Kaunas businessman.

and how are we supposed to live with such contrasts?

Photos by Justina Smertjeve.


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