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About classical market.

I haven’t visited all of the markets in Vilnius, only Kalvarijos and Halė, and that’s more than enough for someone who doesn’t speak Russian.

First of all, I go to the market for tomatoes and cucumbers and always come back with a cauliflower, dill and some sort of... rhubarb seeds. Just because for a moment my brain starts in believing I can be a potential gardener.

Secondly, I visit market with my textile bag, since it’s more fashionable and more eco.

Thirdly, for today’s visit in the market I had to play a foreigner to get permission to take a photo of all of the hams, cheese, crocs and illegal perfume on the merchants’ counter.

Business fauna in the market falls to the entirely different category than businessmen in other fields: they are wordly and specific people, as specific as their artificially curled hair and blue aprons, looking good while standing at glossy windows and selling things. Without this apron the merchant is like... a programmer without a keyboard. A hairdresser without scissors. Like a Vilnius person without Revolut.

I wanted to record this huge, pretty exclusion between the sellers and the buyers, which is soon to become cultural and social heritage. I hope such exclusions / contrasts will never disappear just to remind us of how we grew up.

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