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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

I always had love & hate relationship with Kaunas.

I was born there, I've spent my teenage years, smoked first cigarettes and migrated from 'wannabe punk' to bohemian and then back to somewhere in between; I've wandered the streets and met the breaks of the dawn right there, on the coast where the two rivers meet.

Like every person, I have a deep nostalgia for the city I grew up in.

Even though now I live in the capital, I have strong ties with my hometown and I don't believe it will ever be different despite the fact I always wanted to run away.

Still, Kaunas remains a conservative, deeply nationalist and a very pragmatic city, nothing has changed about human nature here.

People are very cautious and slowly adopt new trends, they have their feet on the ground and are sceptical towards spiritual discoveries and alternative lifestyles.

In Kaunas, you have to look at others. And follow them.

A writer, a tattoo master, a sculptor, any type of freelancer, an actor, a designer, a folk dancer... Any of these seem suspicious in Kaunas. You have to be a banker, a doctor, a lawyer. That's more understandable. But new generations have a different attitude, for sure.

It is said that Kaunas people dress fancy even when they take their garbage out or go shopping for a pack of milk. NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT A MAKE-UP is said to be principle number one in Kaunas outfit.

It’s historical and modern, yet messy around the corner.

Glass, concrete and gothic bricks merged into one architecture.

Proud and aristocratic character.

Round windows in art deco houses.

It's diverse, denying the new and strongly promoting the old.

Kaunas takes a special place in my heart. In the World of ever-changing things, it just feels right to me.

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