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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

HBO has done something which suddenly turned post-soviet neighbourhoods in Lithuania into something heroic. Massive. Super attractive.

As locals we wonder, how suddenly places we wanted to hide so carefully from the Western audience one day became one of the main reasons to visit our country?

If you are one of HBO "Chernobyl" travellers, we have listed some places to include in your route.

1. Ignalina Nuclear Plant

Choosing movie scenes for "Chernobyl" Ignalina Nuclear Plant was one of the most attractive locations. It allowed entering specific areas of the plant as well as climb up the reactor.

Visitors are allowed to enter the guided tour.

More information here

Ignalina Nuclear Plant, Google images

2. Visaginas: atomic city

Visaginas was built specifically to support the Ignalina Nuclear Plant. It was designed for incoming engineers and their families to live, let their kids off to school, have some greenery around and then - work for the plant.

Even today Visaginas has amazing nature - greenery, lakes and forests - as well as a strong cultural heritage from Soviet times. Russian language is strongly present among the locals.

3. Must-visit Soviet-style canteens

If you wish to experience some old style canteens with fresh and home-made Lithuanian style food, map these two locations.

The food here is tested - it's good, it's cheap, the staff is pleasant depending on their mood.

Canteen at Radio factory

Not easy to find, but worth visiting. As HBO "Chernobyl" fan you will really enjoy crooked floor, red leather seating and awkward flowers.

More information here

Canteen no.2

This one is easier to find - it's right in the centre of Kaunas. People come here to observe the old interior and taste gorgeous potato meals below 3eur.

More information here

3. Vilnius TV tower

326.5 meters height tower is the highest construction in Lithuania, based in micro-district of Karolinskes. Currently, it is occupied by Lithuanian radio and television as well as the old interior restaurant.

More information here

TV tower, Google images

TV tower restaurant, Google images

4. Grutas park near Druskininkai

Well, this is a place, a park, probably the biggest museum of Soviet ideology in Lithuania.

You can have a look at statues, have a meal from Soviet-like dishes and have a walk among

Soviet attributes.

More information here

Grutas park, Google images

5. Old markets

Markets are the microcosmos of the culture.

If you visit Ignalina Nuclear Plant - at the same time, you might visit the local market of Visaginas which is open on the weekend.

Otherwise, other main markets with the taste of Soviet are the following:

Klaipeda fish market

Visaginas market

6. Stay in authentic Airbnb Soviet apartment in Vilnius

One young couple in Vilnius has opened one of their grandparents' apartment for foreign Chernobyl experience in Lithuania, in the micro-district of Fabijoniskes.

Here everything - kitchen, bathroom, building hall, cups and forks, bedroom and balcony - are replicas of what you have seen in "Chernobyl".

Check it out here

Linas Marcišauskas photo

Linas Marcišauskas photo

7. "Spurgine" - time for old recipe doughnuts in Kaunas!

Even today "Spurgine" remains a popular spot among Lithuanians and foreigners. Here you don't buy in units - you buy in bags. Doughnuts with meat, jam or with no filling are always fresh and warm. The interior? Super nostalgic.

More information here

8. Plokstine missile base

It was the first ballistic missile base in the Soviet Union and it was based close to Plateliai lake: deep in the woods, 27 meters under the ground.

Currently, the place is turned into Cold War museum and is really worth visiting to experience the creepy atomic atmosphere. Especially, with all the installations reflecting the actual surroundings of the base.

More information here

9. KGB Museum in Vilnius

KGB museum is located in the former KGB building, where Soviet regime crimes were taking places. As the official website says - for 50 years!

The museum is super realistic and has a creepy vibe - but it is worth visiting for its authenticity. Also here you will see the KGB prison.

More information

image: Tripadvisor

image: Tripadvisor

10. Abandoned amusement park in Elektrenai

Very vintage, colourful and special abandoned carousel in Elektrenai invites not only for a good picture, but for historical discovery. The park was opened in 1986. Elektrenai city name came from the word electricity, which presupposes the amusement park was dedicated to families and children living in Elektrenai area.


Eglė Sidaravičiūtė photo

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