Visaginas - atominis miestas

Lithuania is proud of a city which is seriously stuck in time.

a city which begins with a Cosmos street (Kosmoso g.)

and a city with a closed-down nuclear plant.

its name is Visaginas and its located in the Northern-East of Lihuania.

i thought Visaginas could possibly feel like North Korea,

with all its blockhouses and perfectly planned infrastructure

for the former Russian engineers.


yet, at the same time i was pleasantly surprised by its nature:

forests and lakes, and social/cultural heritage

exotic to discover again.

in the mood of post-soviet, Visaginas population

mostly speaks in Russian.

despite that, more and more freelance artists are 

moving to live here.

i believe, that's because of Visaginas nature

which has a strong inspirational effect.

Visaginas location

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