Raudondvaris Manor | 17th century

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Lina Bernotaityte

Raudondvaris is a very rich architectural ensemble

which contains first side renaissance mansion,

northern and southern parts of the palace for servants,

an orangery, footman house, mews, caretaker's house, barn 

and a park.


since 2002

in the Manor there is a museum

for J.Naujalis - a famous compositor.

Raudondvaris Manor holds many events:

concerts and exhibitions,

weddings and other special occasions.


and also... it's one of the rare manors i love visiting.

the last exhibition i saw there

was of Belgian surrealist René Magritte works.

Raudondvaris Manor

photo by: Rūta Ragauskaitė

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Lina Bernotaityte
Lina Bernotaityte