Druskininkai resort

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Lina Bernotaityte

i visit Druskininkai (direct translation: City of Salt)

for over 12 years now, almost once a month,

so i see the town getting more and more of make-up,

tourists from the nearby countries

and a bunch of new hotels and restaurants, popping up like mushrooms.


people here started speaking more and more in Russian

and Druskininkai itself heads towards entertainment for others

rather than locals.


despite all the buzz, i love Druskininkai

for its nature and beautiful,

beautiful parks and forest paths.


wide river Nemunas and SPAs,

lakes and... mushrooms.


it also has skiing arena for the winter

and fully arranged bike lanes for the summer.

in the picture - lake Druskonis & river Nemunas.

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Lina Bernotaityte
Lina Bernotaityte