Žarėnai - Latveliai | nothing but a manor

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Lina Bernotaityte

Žarėnai - Latveliai is another secret spot in Northern Lithuania.


it's famous for the church and Paliesiai Manor.

actually, this Manor once belonged to nobleman Liutikas,

now it's owned by Lithuanian state.

my friend's grandma,

who was born in 1925,

says they loved coming to the garden of the Manor,

lurking to see the peacock.


the day was made if the peacock opened its colorful tail. 

the atmosphere in the Manor puts a spell on you

by its wild apple trees garden

and abandoned park where no one takes a walk.

approximate location on Google Maps.

better ask locals for the best way to the Manor.

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Lina Bernotaityte
Lina Bernotaityte